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28 September 2011 @ 12:32 am
Title: Dreaming
Author: Venustus
Rating: NC-17 
Fandom: Glee Cast
Couple: Mark/Ashley
Notes:  My first dip into real life/cast fiction.  Written for a friend who wanted to see this as a story so bad!

It was the second to last night of their summer tour and Ashley had to stop and think for a minute where in the world they actually were.  Ah right, the UK.  As they came close to the end of the show, it seemed like one castmate or another was hosting a party in their hotel room each night.  It was like they were all trying their best to cram as much fun and together time as possible in before the tour ended.

Everyone was sufficiently drunk and happy and exhausted and they all headed back to their rooms.  Mark leaned up against Ashley and walked with her towards her room.  “I haves to make sure you get there okay, okay? Okay okay ooooooookay,” Mark slurred slightly.  Ashley just shook her head and leaned her body back against his as well. 

Over the course of the second season playing boyfriend and girlfriend and the forced closeness of the tour, Mark and Ashley had developed a deep friendship.  She wasn’t surprised when he flopped himself on her bed while she grabbed her PJs to change in the bathroom.  “I can’t believe the tour is almost over,” he called while she was slipping out of her clothes.  “And I can’t believe how exhausted I am and still able to stand up.”

“Dude, you’re not standing.  Last I saw you were sprawled across my bed like a lump,” Ashley called back.  “Do you need a bottle of water?” she asked, walking out of the bathroom.  Her eyebrows rose so high they nearly disappeared into her hairline when she was confronted with the image of Mark crawling under her sheets in nothing but a plaid pair of boxers.  “What the heck, Mark?”

“I’m so tired and my room is sooo far away and your bed is sooooooo comfy,” he whined, wiggling around to emphasize the comfort of her bed.  Ashley had to make an effort to swallow the lump in her throat at the prospect of what he was proposing.  It makes it a hell of a lot harder to deny the growing feelings for someone when they are half naked in your bed.

Ashley shook her head and started to climb in next to him.  “Seriously?  You are a bum, your room is like five doors down.”  She fluffed her pillow and reached for the lamp switch.  “And if you hog the blankets all night, I will kick you in the shins.”  This time it was Mark who had to ball up his hands into fists to fight the urge to reach out and touch her, the inch or two of soft belly that peeked out from under her tank top as she reached up towards the lamp, the swell of her breasts moving with each breath. 

Blame the exhaustion or the alcohol, but it was only a matter of minutes before Ashley heard Mark’s breathing even out and a slight snore tickle his throat.  She remained firmly on her side of the bed and breathed deeply, feeling the warmth of sleep wash over her body.


Ashley awoke feeling warm and secure, like she was nestled into her own cozy cocoon.  It wasn’t until she moved to stretch out her legs from the curled up position she was in that she felt… and remembered.  The first thing she felt was the wide expanse of his hand across her abdomen fingers snaked under the bottom edge of her top, then his warm breath tickling at the hairs at the base of her head.  She froze for a second and debated with herself what to do.  Mostly it just felt amazing.  He heat from the skin of his bare chest almost burned where it met her skin.  But the nagging doubt was there too.  She was sure this was a sleep thing.  Like he moved to whatever warm body was next to him, she was well aware of his propensity for cuddling.  For the time being she decided not to decide.  She laid her head back against the pillow and let go of a deep breath she had been holding. 

Mark held as still as possible when he felt her stir.  He had awoken a few minutes before Ashley, greeted first by the scent of her shampoo.  He opened his eyes slowly as if the motion would wake her and took account of the situation.   His face was nuzzled into her neck, her smooth hair tickling his cheek.  He had one arm wrapped around her waist and his fingertips spread across her belly like he was staking his claim.  His knees were curved behind hers, allowing every inch of his body to press against hers.  Thinking these thoughts created a new situation, new inches to press against her and he cursed his body’s inherent reaction to this woman, praying she wouldn’t feel him and bolt out of bed.  Without realizing it, his thumb began to draw lazy circles against her skin.

First she felt his hand start moving, which sent eight kinds of electricity through her body.  Then she felt other parts of his body twitch and harden, pressing against her ass.  Her head snapped to the side, trying to look at him.  She tried to move, “Mark…” she started to speak but was cut off.

“Shhhhh, don’t go, baby.”  You know, he thought, what the hell.  It’s now or never.   He tightened his arm around her waist and brought his free hand up to sweep the hair off her neck so he could follow with his lips laying soft kisses.  “No, don’t leave me.  Stay here.  Like this.” 
“Mark, wake up.  I think you’re having a dream,” she called over her shoulder.  “A really fucking good dream.  Or wait, maybe I am dreaming,” she muttered to herself.  There was a difference in her voice he couldn’t put his finger on.  Only she knew it was the intense blend of desire and fear.  She kept trying to move against his best efforts to keep her in place.

“Ashley please.  I’m not asleep.  Please let me…” his voice trailed off as his slipped his hand further under her tank top across her ribcage and just brushing fingertips on the bottom swell of her breasts.  He continued to kiss her gently from her neck down across the tops of her shoulders, his hips moving against the soft flesh of her backside.   He stopped abruptly though, and turned her over to face him and look at her, eye to eye.  “Ashley, I mean it.  I want this.  I want you.  I have for a long time.  Can I…?”  He was stroking her cheek with his hand, asking her permission for the kiss he had been imagining since their first stage kiss.  The electricity he felt during that scripted kiss had made him long for the chance to kiss her how he wanted, as long as he wanted to see what kind of sparks they could create.

She would say her mind was flying with thoughts, but the truth was nothing in her mind even resembled a coherent thought.  “I… but… when… really?”  God, she could be so eloquent when the situation called for it.  But before he could answer her question, the feel of the rough skin of his thumb brushing along her jaw and his obvious arousal against her thigh had her biting her lower lip, squeezing her eyes shut and nodding her head ever so slightly. 

That was all the confirmation he needed and before she could open her eyes again, his mouth was on hers.  His kiss was deep and needy and messy, all the things their screen kiss couldn’t be.  He buried a hand in her hair, tugging just a tiny bit.  When she moaned in response, his tongue was at her parted lips, tasting her, exploring.  He pulled back just when the dizziness - from lack of oxygen or their kiss, he couldn’t be sure – was about to take over.  He trailed kisses across her jaw, to her earlobe where he nipped and sucked and down her neck to the curve where her neck met her shoulder.  How could he just know that spot that made her see stars?  She couldn’t help but groan his name.  “Mmmm… Mark,” she called, allowing her knees to fall apart just enough that he slid one of his legs between hers.  Her hands flew to his waist, fingertips dancing at the band of his boxers.

Mark’s world was spinning kissing the lips he had been dreaming about for months.  He was kissing her exactly like he wanted to and her reaction was even more than he had hoped for.  He found himself having to pull back slightly knowing that if he kept grinding against her thigh like that and hearing her call his name, it would all be over way way too soon.  He wasn’t about to let this end in his boxers before it could really even start.  He brought his hands to her waist and slid them up her torso, bringing the shirt with them.  He teased her skin, gliding fingers across her breast under her top but avoiding the hardening nub.  Suddenly she was moving, arching her back up off the bed, wiggling out of her shirt and tossing it across the room, exposing to him her bare chest.  “Oh fuck,” were the only words he could manage before he bent down to capture one of her pink tips in his mouth. 

Ashley was pretty sure she must be dreaming, and if she was the noises she was making were going to be embarrassing as hell when she woke up.  His mouth was hot on her skin and her body crackled with the energy she felt.  She ran her hands up and down his sides, feeling the muscles move and tense under his skin.  He bit down gently on her nipple and she arched into him, offering more of her to him.  He started to kiss down her body, letting his hands slide across her belly and thighs.  He nosed the edge of her PJ shorts and she lifted her hips slightly, allowing him to tug them off and toss them to the side with her other forgotten clothing.  She held her breath while his eyes drank her in.  He studied her body till he lifted his eyes to meet hers.  She could read the look in his eyes, asking permission, but the truth was she needed him.  She needed to feel all of him and after so many months, it seemed like one second longer would kill her.  “No Mark, please.  I need you,” she pulled on his shoulders urging him to move back up, meet her mouth again. 

Her legs parted to allow him to fully press against her as he rose up the bed.  This time, her mouth met his in a frenzy.  He hands we pushing at his boxers as low as she could reach so he could kick them off.  This time it was Ashley’s turn to take in the sight of all of him for the first time.  Honestly, he normally didn’t care what women thought about how he looked naked because he most likely wasn’t planning on seeing them again.  But this was different, obviously.  This was his best friend whose face and voice and body and whole self had been slowly filling his heart for months.  He wanted her to be as in love with how he looked as he was with how she did.  When her tongue darted out to quickly wet her lips he smirked at her.  “I’m glad you like, Ash,” before her was on top of her again, nestled between her legs.  His mouth was sucking a biting patterns on her neck and collarbone, probably ones that would be embarrassingly visible tomorrow, when he snaked his hand between their bodies and teased at her sex.  His fingers slipped and teased, circled and skipped over her, never quite moving inside of her where she moaned and arched for him to be.

“Teasing… is not… nice...” she groaned reaching down to wrap her hand around his erection.  This time it was Mark’s turn to stifle a moan by pressing his mouth to her skin.  She squeezed him rhythmically, but never stroked the length of him.  His hips were screaming at him to thrust into her fist, but he managed to contain himself with a series of nonsensical grunts and groans.  “See what I mean?  Not nice!”  His mouth found hers again and she stroked him in earnest now.  Her head swam for a few seconds when she felt him throb in her hand.  This was Mark.  Her Mark.  On top of her, hard for her, loving her.  She didn’t know what it all meant or what the future would hold, so she wanted to make this moment everything it could be.  She pulled back from his kissed and locked eyes with him, laying a hand to his cheek.  “I want you inside of me, Mark.  Do you have a…”  She didn’t even finish her sentence before he was bolting off the bed, across the room to his pants discarded the night before and bounding back with the small foil packet.

He covered himself with the condom before he settled on top of her once again.  He was pressed up against her now and could feel the heat coming from her center.  Mark looked her in the eyes, “Are you positive?”  When she nodded her approval he covered her mouth with sweet slow kisses and slide inside of her slowly, stopping for a moment when he was fully buried.  His only thought was how much this felt like coming home – where he was meant to be.  He was still for a few moments, trying to both maintain his control and allow her time to adjust.  Before he knew it, he felt one of Ashley’s legs wrap around his waist and her hips rise to move against him.  In that moment, everything else ceased to exist and everything was just them.  Just hot and sweaty, moving and clutching.  He reached down to her leg at his waist and hitched it up even higher, letting him hit a new angle inside of her.  He nearly lost control when she threw her head back against the pillows, hair fanned out around her.  “Ash… baby… I don’t know how long I can last,” he was panting against her neck, hand moving between them to press against her clit.

“Jesus Christ, Mark.  Don’t stop, please.”  The pressure from his fingers and the increasingly erratic and deep thrusts were sprinting her towards her orgasm.  She nipped down the salty skin of his neck, clinging to him when her climax hit her like a freight train.  “Oh God, Mark,” she nearly screamed as her whole body trembled and she bit down on his collarbone.  With a few more powerful thrusts, she felt him throb inside of her as he came with a strangled moan and her name on his breath.  They heaved together, catching their breaths and coming back to reality together, bodies still connected.


To the casual observer, Mark and Ashley continued to be the same as they ever were, in spite of the barrage of questions they successful avoided from their castmates who noticed their respective hickeys and love bites within seconds of morning greetings.  Their hand holding taking place under tables, closed doors another excuse for stolen kisses and gropes.

It surprised neither of them when the Fox handlers placed them together for almost all of the press interviews they were doing for the new movie.  It was easy to play off their obvious chemistry as friendliness or good acting.  It was nearly their third solid day of being holed up in tiny room filled with cameras and a never-ending parade of interviewers.  It was especially tedious when they were asked the same 3 or 4 questions over and over again.  They were siting, like they had been all day with a third castmate – Darren this time – for the final interview of the day.  Ashley wanted to get up and kiss the interviewer when she started asking new and original questions.  “What have you learned from each other?”  Mark hesitated and looked down into Ashley’s eyes.

“Ummm, well Ashley is my girl, my boo boo.  And I love her and that is all.”  Ashley did her best to keep a straight face that didn’t look like it was on the edge of getting sick, which was how she was feeling inside.  They completed the rest of the interview, Ashley on autopilot. 
Darren gave them both a high five and headed for the door.  The rest of the room cleared of the few remaining people when Mark offered his hand to help Ashley up.  She jumped up though, and slugged him in the arm.  “Mark Wayne Salling, you can’t just SAY things like that in an interview and one – expect that I can just keep talking and two – pretend that its not a big deal.”  She saw the look of confusion and fear wash across his face.  She softened visibly and slumped against his body, “You can’t just say you love me for the first time on camera, you jerk.”

Mark honestly didn’t even realize what he had done until she spelled it out for him.  “Oh… oh God.  I’m sorry.”  He pressed a kiss to her forehead and pulled back to look at her directly.  “So yeah, I should probably have done it in another way, but it just snuck out.  You know I don’t hide my feelings well.  And just because I said it in a stupid way doesn’t mean it’s not true.  I love you Ashley.  I’m in love with you.  Forgive me?”  He looked at her with the dopey grin he knew she could never resist. 

Her heart swelled at his words.  “Well you’re just lucky you’re my Bubba.  I’ll let it slide this time.”  She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his chest.  “I love you too.”

rock_star_lover on September 28th, 2011 07:40 am (UTC)
Is this real life? :p I loved this. I try so hard not ship RL, but I've read your stuff here and on FF before and I couldn't not read this. Plus Ashley and Mark are the cutest, how could I stay away? Seriously your writing really made this for me. Perfect combination of sexy,cute, and it was realistic. And you worked in him calling her his boo boo. I'm gonna make myself stop gushing now.

Any plans to write more Ashley/Mark (reaction to reading the script & finding out their characters break up) or Luck that I can pretend is canon and ignore S3? ;)
Jess_Gleek_ on September 28th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
OOhhh MMMaaahhh Ggggaaaaaa.
No, you didn't. You did not just do this to me.
I have read every Pizes/Luck FF out there (including AALLL of yours, which i LLLOOVVEEE) and I am so desperate for more, I think I have to search for RL Mark/Ashley Ship now.
Hey, I always over-analyze thier reactions to eachother in interviews anyways, and always think they are so cute and sweet and BFFs....but this is the strangest feeling to me. Gaaa.
Um, I love you.
Please write more. Anything. Mark/Ash...Pizes/Luck...Mark-Puck/Me...Mark-Puck/You...
puppyloveclub on September 29th, 2011 03:05 am (UTC)
You already know this but I'm telling you again (because I just reread it AGAIN)... YOU. ARE. AMAZING.
paloma1182 on October 2nd, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)
AWE i loved this! please never stop writing! i love your lauren puck stories. you are amazing!
bigggeekmimi on October 3rd, 2011 10:37 am (UTC)
OMG! This is amazing!
I'm a big Pizes shipper, but after reading this, I think I might ship Mark/Ashley even more.